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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Q : What is CCMN?
A : CCMN is a process of Centralized Counseling for M. Sc. / M. Sc. (Tech.) Admissions to most National Institute of Technology (NITs) and few Centrally Funded Technical Institutes (CFTIs) offering 2 year M.Sc. programme and is being organized by National Institute of Technology, Rourkela. To view the complete list of participating institutes in CCMN centralized counseling, look at the bottom of the CCMN home page.
Q : Should I have a JAM Score to participate in CCMN 2016?
A : A candidate having a qualified JAM 2016 score will have preference over non-JAM candidates. The non-JAM candidates will be considered, only after the complete exhaustion of qualified JAM candidates.
Q : If I have a qualified JAM 2016 score, can I apply to any M.Sc. Programme?
A : No. A candidate will only be considered for the programme, where he/she has the qualified 2016 JAM score.
Q : How do I apply?
A : Kindly refer to the “Registration Procedure” for detailed information.
Q : If I haven’t qualified with a valid JAM score OR I didn’t appear for JAM-2016, Can I apply?
A : Yes, CCMN 2016 offers counseling for non-JAM candidates and called it as “Institute Spot Admission (ISA)”. For details check the CCMN website or click here
Q : What is ISA?
A : It is the abbreviated form of Institute Spot Admission. The candidates those who have valid JAM 2016 score but disqualified due to minimum qualifying marks or those who have failed to clear the JAM 2016 or those who have not appeared for JAM 2016 are eligible to register through Institute Spot Admission (ISA). The admission procedure through ISA will be solely governed by the ‘respective institutes’ admission rules. Kindly look into the Homepage of CCMN website or click here
Q : What is minimum eligibility condition in terms of CGPA or % marks?
A : Minimum eligibility condition in terms of CGPA or percentage of marks for all participating Institutes is 60% or 6.5 CGPA for OC/OB candidates and 55% or 6.0 CGPA for SC/ST/PH candidates.
  • The candidates from Institutes with Aggregate system of evaluation must have obtained 60% or 6.5 CGPA (GEN/OBC) and 55% or 6.0 CGPA (SC/ST/PH) as aggregate marks.
  • The candidates from Institutes with Honours system of evaluation must have obtained 60% or 6.5 CGPA (GEN/OBC) and 55% or 6.0 CGPA (SC/ST/PH) in Honours. In this system of evaluation, the aggregate marks will not be considered.
In addition, there may be few Special Eligibility conditions required by few institutes for their admissions into few programmes.

Hence, the candidates are advised to check through our CCMN website for these details which are provided as hyperlink to the logo of the admitting Institutes placed at the bottom of the homepage of the CCMN.
Q : What are the restrictions on OBC-NCL certificate?
A : Kindly refer to the “Key Documents” tab.
Q : What if my 10th class marksheet does not have DOB printed on it?
A : Kindly refer to the “Key Documents” tab. Further, in case the DOB is not printed on 10th mark sheet, kindly upload any one of the following documents for valid DOB proof, viz, 10th Certificate if the DOB is printed on it or upload the DOB certificate or any valid proof (Passport, Driving License, Govt. issued ID card or PAN Card) with DOB printed on it.
Q : My AIR is XXXXXX. Which seat will I get?
A : Seat allocation in CCMN is based on qualified valid score in JAM-2016, minimum academic eligibility requirement and special eligibility criteria (if any). The allocation of seats through CCMN counseling is fully automated. Hence, it is difficult to predict assure and guarantee any seat before the complete counseling is over.
Q : What happens if I do not register during Registration dates?
A : Such candidates cannot fill in choices and hence are out of the admission process of CCMN (the first round and second round). However, they can register afresh for the national spot round (NSR) during July 8 – 12, 2016 and participate in NSR counseling process for admission.
Q : Is it required to pay any fee at the time of online registration and for National Spot Round (NSR)?
A : Yes, you need to pay Rs. 2000/- (non-refundable) as a registration fee. If you have not done the registration by paying Rs. 2000/- as registration fee during the stipulated registration time, you can do fresh registration by paying Rs. 2000/- during July 8 – 12, 2016.
Q : How can I pay the registration fee?
A : You can pay through, either by State Bank of India Collect (SBI Collect) or through NEFT. Candidates should refer to “Payment Procedure” for further details.
Q : How many NITs/CFTIs or programmes can I apply to?
A : A candidate is advised to opt for as many institutes or programmes as possible, from the list of displayed choices to him after due verification of all minimum and special eligibility criteria. However, if the candidate does not want to take admission in any institute or programme, need not opt for those institutes or programmes.
Q : Do I need to fill separate application form for each NIT/CFTI?
A : No, a single online application is sufficient to cover all available institutes or programmes as per the eligible available choices across all the NITs/CFTIs. A candidate will not be able to fill more than ONE application for the same JAM Application number.

However a candidate, who has appeared JAM in different subjects and wishes to be considered for both the JAM scores, he/she can apply twice with two separate application numbers. However the candidates have to pay Rs. 2000/- as non-refundable registration fee for each registration. For each registration, the candidates have to register with Unique JAM papers and unique JAM Application number. Such candidates, if allotted different seats in different programmes would have to select only one of the allotted programme and take admission in that programme.
Q : If a candidate forgets his/her password, how to get a new password?
A : Whenever a candidate forgets his/her password, the system provides a “Forgot Password” option to reset the password on their own. If unable to retrieve the password by this process, then he/she will have to write an email to us for the same at
Q : Can the candidate change his/her password?
A : Yes. The candidate can change his/her password.
Q : Can the name of the candidate be changed during seat allocation?
A : No it is not permitted to change the name during seat allocation. However, under compelling circumstance, CCMN 2016 Headquarters may be requested with valid proof. CCMN 2016 Headquarters will review the request case by case and will have the final say on it.
Q : What is Choice Filling?
A : Yes, at least one choice must be filled, to be considered for admission. If one does not fill at least one choice during the choice filling period, her/his application will be straightly rejected.
Q : Whether Choice filling is necessary?
A : Yes, at least one choice must be filled, to be considered for admission. If one does not fill at least one choice during the choice filling period, her/his application will be straightly rejected.
Q : What preparation is needed to fill the choices?
A : It is very important to do a survey on all the participating institutes. One may visit their website, talk to persons who know about them or even visit the institutes personally and see where and how are the institutes. Check whether the fee is affordable. Some institutes and branches may have special eligibility criteria and make sure that you fulfill those criteria. (These are completely suggestive information and have no binding on us)
Q : What is locking of choices?
A : Locking of choices is the process of confirming the final submission of choices. Kindly note that, no changes are allowed after the choices are locked.
Q : If a candidate doesn't lock his/her choices, will they be processed for seat allocation?
A : It is in the interest of the candidates that they should lock their choices themselves before the deadline. However, ‘Automatic locking of choices’ will be exercised on the date given under “Key Dates/Tentative Schedule”. Candidates who have failed to lock their choices, their last saved choices will be locked automatically.

This explains, even if a candidate has not filled even a single choice, the system will automatically lock that existing status and the candidate is out of the counselling process.
Q : Can the candidate modify the choices after locking?
A : After locking the choices, the candidate cannot modify his/her choices.
Q : What is the Admission fee? How I should pay?
A : Admission Fee or otherwise Institute Fee is collected in parts viz. PIF, BIF, FIF and ABIF.

    For Normal Rounds:
  • PIF – Part Institute Fee
    (Rs. 7000/-, Paid after 1st Round allotment by all candidates)
  • BIF – Balance Institute Fee
    (Amount varies according to Institute, Paid after 2nd Round allotment by the upgraded candidates)
  • FIF – Full Institute Fee
    (Amount varies according to Institute, Paid after 2nd Round allotment by freshly allotted candidates)
  • ABIF – Additional Balance Institute Fee
    (Amount varies according to Institute, Paid after Final Upgradation Round by the upgraded candidates to generate PAL)
    For NSR:
  • NSR PIF – NSR Part Institute Fee
    (Rs. 7500/-, Paid at the time of NSR Registration by all candidates to participate in NSR)
  • NSR BIF – NSR Balance Institute Fee
    (Amount varies, Paid after NSR allotment by all candidates to generate NSR PAL)
For more details, kindly refer to “Flow Chart”.
Q : What is the Fee Structure of all Institutes?
A : To see the fee structure of different institutes, Click on the respective “Institute logo” of the Participating Institute available on the bottom of the CCMN homepage OR You can click on the “Fee Structure” tab on the left pane of the CCMN website OR You may also contact M. Sc Admission In-charge or M. Sc Admission Deputy In-charge of the respective Institute for more clarifications (if any).
Q : What are the category codes used?
A : The following are category codes used.
GEN/OC/OP General/Open/Unreserved Category
GENPWD/OCPWD/OPPWD Persons with disabilities from General Category
OB Other Backward Class
OBPWD Persons with disabilities from Other Backward Class
SC Scheduled Caste
SCPWD Persons with disabilities from Scheduled Caste
ST Scheduled Tribe
STPWD Persons with disabilities from Scheduled Tribe
NCL Non-Creamy Layer
Q : What is Surrendering of a Seat?
A : If a candidate wish to surrender his/her seat after allocation of a seat, he/she can surrender the seat in CCMN counseling. For the process of surrendering, kindly refer to the “Surrender Procedure”.
Q : Will I get a refund of paid fees ?
A : Kindly refer to the “Refund Procedure”.
Q : What are the important documents required for counselling/admission?
A : Kindly refer to the “Key Documents”. Further, few Institutes would require some specific certificate or documents apart from the basic required certificates and documents mentioned in CCMN website/Information Brochure. The same must be produced to the admitting institute during the time of reporting to institute for admission.
Q : How many Reporting Centres and Help Centres available for CCMN 2016?
A : Generally, there are no designated “Reporting Centres” or “Help Centres”. However, all the Participating Institutes will help candidates for all valid queries. The contact numbers of the Admission In-charge(s) is available in our website. Candidates may either call them or visit the Institute (if nearby) for clarifying the queries. The working hours of all PIS: 09.00 AM – 12:00 PM & 02:00 PM – 05.00 PM (Monday to Friday, closed on all Public/National Holidays). The candidates can contact the headquarters for queries, details of which are provided in the CCMN webpage.
Q : What are the timings of CCMN 2016 office?
A : CCMN 2016 is headquartered at National Institute of Technology, Rourkela. Further, kindly refer to “Contact Us” page in the website.
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